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TERA is four day information technology expo hosted in Miami, Florida. Speakers from all over the world host our panels every year. Connecting the curious through energy, visuals and ideas.

In the past (almost) two years as a Product Designer, I have designed over 600 styles: crews, ankles, quarter crews, knee highs, over the knee, tights, slipper socks, sandals, shoes, slides, ties, keychains and stickers. Typing that hurt my head. Here are a couple of my designs that have landed in stores and online at Hot Topic, Box Lunch, Spencer’s and Walmart. 

Photography was always a hobby of mine in my teen years.
A couple of photography classes in college turned a hobby into a passion. I would bring my camera with me wherever I would go just to get the shot. Over the years I haven’t been able to practice as much but I want to get back into it. I could have uploaded more photographs but I want to showcase these specifically. I never liked shooting portrait photography but after awhile it grew on me. 

July 2018
Corpus Christi, Texas 

Print making, sculpture, drawing, collaging, welding, wood work, stop motion...I think I’m forgetting a few...I can make art through a variety of mediums. Working on a computer full time is cool but getting my hands dirty and blistered is way more fun. 

Stop motion video I made for a school project.
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